2 Reasons Inspiration is Key

So often ignored and seen as the the ‘touchy feely’ part of business, and yet critical to any business success, is the original inspiration which flowed into motivation, which flowed into action, which flowed into resilience, which flowed into success.

Which begs the question: What is inspiration and how do we cultivate it?

Inspiration is the feeling that gets us into a creative state to take action or do something.

It can keep us glued to an idea or our business when things have not been going so well. It keeps us attached to our vision.

It gets us up in the morning, to find the wherewithal to keep going.

No 1 -Open yourself to other people’s stories

So why go to an event? To learn?

Not really, we can do that online with the millions of online courses, with Google, with texting a mentor, but the real reason we go is to be surrounded by like-minded people who are our tribe, our colleagues in this journey, and to be inspired!

When we have our events, we realize that the most important take-away is the message that others have been through this journey before us, and they have failed, dusted themselves off, and succeeded, in spite of circumstances.

So whichever events you choose to attend, know that you are there for inspiration to stay focused on your own vision, to get up and go, and to make it happen.

No 2 – Take action

Inspiration comes before any form of motivation or action. Absolutely each and every successful business begins with inspiration.

Inspiration embodies the feeling, the doing and the being. And there you have it; the doing! Be active, this alone will feed your inspiration.

When we began our journey in to entrepreneurship,  we had a vision of helping startups with the practical element of early stage funding, and mentoring

But it has grown to so much more, and absolutely organically. Inspiration will grow your business if you are taking action.

The power of inspiration is not the feeling alone, but that this feeling often gets us to take action, to get off our a@#$ to do something. To get creative, to innovate.

Other ways to keep inspiration is to listen to podcasts, to read books, to listen on Youtube, to talk to others, to have some quiet time, to walk in nature, the list is endless. But for us these are practical and real steps for inspiration.

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