6 Tips for Managing Stress and Thriving as a Business Owner -Julie Morris

Owning a business is stressful. From a lack of cash flow and being in debt to operational, employee, and supply problems, it can be overwhelming. In truth, it usually is overwhelming. The same goes for busy professionals — regardless of whether you are responsible for leading teams or just trying to build your career as an indispensable team member.

The stress never really stops, and if you let it take your life over, it will eventually make you unproductive and keep you from realizing your goals. Instead, learn how to manage your stress so you can thrive in your work and enjoy life in the process. Here are six tips to get you started.

Practice Self-Care

First things first: Take care of yourself. Self-care does not mean self-indulgence; it means taking the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy. It can be anything that relieves stress and brings relaxation. For instance, find a hobby (e.g., drawing, playing guitar, golfing, gardening, etc.) and commit to doing that hobby two or three times a week. Go on a date night, get a spa treatment, or binge-watch a television show on a Saturday night. Self-care also goes a long way in improving your self-esteem, productivity, and immune system.

Prioritize Fitness

Exercising has countless benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Not only does it relieve stress during the actual workout, but it also leads to more energy throughout the day and deeper rest at night. Try a few different types of exercises, and find one that you don’t hate and that you can fit into your schedule.

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep

When our lives are chaotic, sleep is usually the first thing we give up, but your mind and body must have adequate sleep to function properly. You may think you don’t have time for sleep, but you’re much more productive when you get good rest. Think of it like this: You can work more efficiently with your time on a good night’s sleep, so sleep probably ends up saving you time.

Don’t Eat Junk

After sleep, our diet is often the next thing to go. We are in the age of breakfast bars and meal replacement shakes, which may help you lose a few pounds but isn’t doing much for your health. Try to eat consciously, as it will give you more energy to tackle the tasks throughout your day. Start by choosing whole foods and minimizing refined sugars.

List Your Tasks

When we take on a bunch of tasks at once, it brings on unnecessary stress and leaves us accomplishing less. Instead, make a list of tasks — from most to least important — and focus on one or two at a time. Once you complete the most important task (which should reside at the top of your list), move on to the next one, then the next one, and so on. Prioritizing your goals will help you to focus more of your energy on each task.

Celebrate Your Wins

Finally, think about what is good. It’s natural for us to constantly think about the things that need fixed, but it’s important that we also acknowledge what is going right in our lives. No matter how small an accomplishment may seem, write it down on a list and post it somewhere you will regularly see it. In other words, trade in some of that negativity for positivity and see if it doesn’t help you enjoy work and sleep better at night.

Although being a business owner or professional is stressful, you don’t have to let it overwhelm you. Remember to take care of yourself, find a fitness routine, get enough sleep, and eat well. Make a list of all your tasks and put them in order of importance. Recognize when you have a win. Each of these tips will help you feel less stressed so you can enjoy and excel in work.

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