Being a CEO: what does this mean


Do you second guess your effectiveness in business?

Do you wonder sometimes if you are so busy with the business that you don’t know if you are actually moving the business forward in the RIGHT way?

Akro is pleased to join hands with the City of Johannesburg, Khoebo Opportunity Centre, to bring women in business, girl bosses, women entrepreneurs, female solopreneurs, and female-led business owners a seat at the table. Sign up for an in-person session 3 May here

So what does that mean? 

We want you to take a seat with us so we can show you what metrics are important to keep tabs on, what are the real numbers you should be tracking, and what are strategic decisions that can make a real difference.

Being a CEO is being on the other side of epithets like: “delegate tasks to others”. 

How do you do that when you are a CEO of a team of 1 or 3, and maybe 5 if you are lucky? 

Well, we want you to know that being a CEO is a different mind set, yes, even when you only have 1 or 3 people in your whole team. 

It takes a different mindset to being a ‘business owner” or a solopreneur. It takes stepping into to a way bigger role, bigger than your business is now, and being real about the strong solid future for your business.
The performance of your company rests on your shoulders, the future of your business is up to you, and yes, the ‘buck stops with you”. If Oprah or DJ Zinhle had to phone, they want to talk to YOU.

So the question to you today is this: “ Do you want to be an implementor or a visionary?”

The simple truth is this, that as a small business owner you need to be both the implementor and the visionary, and its very easy to get caught up in the implementing only.

And as a woman in business with cultural and historical disadvantages, we need to sometimes be giving ourselves permission to step in the shoes of the top dog, the CEO.

Perhaps you have never really taken time to give yourself definite roles in your business. The ‘jack of all trades” and “queen of none”. 

But here, Akro wants to give you a hand up and a thumbs up to take the CEO role. If you only do this once a month for a few hours, it will keep your business on a growth trajectory and warn you when you are going off track. 

But … this all relies on you taking the hand offered, and stepping into the stilettos of a girl boss, a woman with purpose. 

Akro has been a part of many women in business journeys and we are proud to say that we have been an integral part in many successes.

Listen to Labo Nkuku from LaboWorld Project Management

Don’t miss out. Sign up here for 3 May 11:00 – 13:00 Workshop. Only 30 spots available.
Address for in-person workshop:
28 Auret street, Jeppestown

Covid protocols will be enforced:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Social distancing 
  • Hand sanitizing
  • 50% of capacity based on the size of the venue

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