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Akro is pleased to present startups with the opportunity to apply to the AB InBev Global’s BudStart programme, powered by Beer Garage.
AB InBev introduces startups in 8 streams into their ecosystem with a Proof of Value (PoV) execution model!

Why apply?

Market access is one of the top three challenges facing startups globally, placing next to lack of funding and team issues.

Your opportunity to get validation within the AB InBev value chain.

AB InBev Global has a wide ranging network within which the different business solutions can plug in.

Collaboration for this reason, is a no-brainer for Akro’s startups and network.

What does the startup get?

  • Paid engagement PoCs (Up to $50K)
  • Milestone based payments

  • Accessibility to ABI global markets
  • Referrals to other corporates

  • Enterprise Grade Product
  • Live Environment Deployment
  • Co-Create Product Roadmap

  • Access to ABI leaders and SMEs for functional knowledge
  • Sessions by external mentors

  • Exposure and recommendation to VC network/partners
  • Opportunity within ABI

  • Free credits from our partners
  • Access to event

Recommendation to Innovation Consortium corporates

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BudStart Programme 3


Learn the ways of working with ABI from start-ups which have been through that journey

What is PoV?

PoV (Proof of Value) is used to identify the value of the product based on customer’s usecases. The value is proven by demonstrating customer’s usecases in a standard environment.

Please ONLY apply if you fit into one of these 8 streams:

Akro is hosting 2  Q&A sessions. Register for Friday session at 14:00 pm CAT or Monday session 15:00 pm CAT. 

For the purposes of this application, only 8 streams will be considered  into which your business can fit.

Key Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to demonstrate the business value & scalability of the solution
  • Readiness to expand to new geographical regions
  • Experience with CPGs particularly alcohol/beverages segment would be an added advantage
  • Innovative Commercial models: OPEX, Gain Share, Lease, etc.
  • Strong product roadmap

Startup Growth can be challenging.

Akro is proud to bring you the opportunity to apply to the AB InBev sponsored BudStart programme powered by Beer Garage

Prepare your pitch deck to attach in the application form. It should include the following:

  • Problem you are solving
  • Proposed solution
  • USP/Differentiator amongst other solutions in the market
  • Case Studies – Success stories with other clients
  • Value Proposition for ABI
  • Commercial Model
  • Scalability Approach
  • Clientele
  • Team Credentials

Apply Now:

Please choose who in your team will be taking the lead with the application process:
Company details:
Founder information:
Company Information:
For the purposes of this application, only 8 streams will be considered into which your business can fit. For further information please go to our website.

Which of these 8 categories does your business fit into?

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