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Student entrepreneruship


UCT Students Rising Up in Entrepreneurship Akro Accelerate, together with UCT InvestSoc and UCT Entrepreneurs Society, continue for a third year to work together to


Specno (Startup Profile)

Company Name Specno -A Tech Startup that builds Tech Startups Founders​: Daniel Novitzkas, Jacques Jordaan What they do: Specno is an end-to-end digital partnership –

Startup life

Media Invitation

WELCOME TO 2021 Here we are, almost through the first month of 2021 – a brand new year, with brand new opportunities and we at

Planning Workshop

Planning Workshop

Setting Yourself up for Success  A bit of straight talk! Your fancy To-Do List with pretty ticks are so not going to get you to

15 January Workshop

I hear you – why plan?

Especially after the year that has been 2020 – where your best laid plans have flown right out of the window and you’ve really had


Accountability Partners

  An accountability partner or group is an incredible tool to use in deliberate action. Commit to a better version of your business. How can

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R100k prize for top 3 startups!

Fill in the multi-step form below to apply. Please ensure your application is complete and well thought through. 

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