What it is:

Girl Boss Hustle is a support channel for woman business owners, female entrepreneurs & start-ups and the unique challenges they face as they grow. Though all kinds of challenges arise in life, we are in this to provide support through our various channels of coaching, mentoring, workshops and accelerators.

  • You know that you need help, you’re just not sure what kind of help you need.
  • It seems like a lot of what you are doing in your business is spinning your wheels.
  • You have a plan, but it’s like the plan gets sidelined as soon as something more ‘urgent’ comes up.
  • You’re tired and you need something that will give you a roadmap on taking your business forward.
  • You need practical, no bullshit strategies that are easily understandable and most importantly can be implemented immediately.

Girl Boss Hustle Coaching Circle

Join in wherever you are in the world: a digital and online community.

You need to join The Girl Boss Inner Circle where strategy meets action.

What you get:

  • Twice weekly 75Mins Live Coaching Sessions with Diane Lindemann, The Elevation Coach.

Diane knows Strategy and you know your business – when you combine her knowledge with your passion, magic happens!

“ Diane is highly recommended for business strategy and guidance to work on your business, but only if you are prepared to do the work.

Diane has been leading our Girl Boss Hustle women’s coaching and really been instrumental in changing the intention and shape of women’s business in our groups.

She embodies a method that women really respond to: clear, methodical and personable. Her humour and directness allows you to be honest and raw, and her strategic business methods brings gravitas and clarity to the process.”

  • In-depth focussed sessions building on the Monthly Theme – including Workbooks and Strategies you can implement immediately.
  • Guest Expert Sessions for a Deep Dive into aspects within the Monthly Theme.
  • Hot Seat Sessions.
  • Monthly Review of your Business.
  • Monthly Goal Setting for your Business.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • Limited to 20 Entrepreneurs.

    For more information:

    Email – janine@akro.co.za
    Or phone – 074 459 3610

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