“Girl What” did you say?

The Sunday Times article, Come over to my Place Sister and we can cowork has received a load of traffic and a fair amount of criticism, from a stance of belittling women who ‘sit around, knit and giggle all day”.

I find the Times article interesting actually. I love how there are different ways for people to connect, and as we are talking women, specifically, how women connect.

I have to confess my interest is personal. Our company has an initiative called Girl Boss Hustle, and I must say that my team and I thought long and hard before committing to the name.

We knew there would be some controversy regarding the “Girl” element but we wanted to keep it light, relaxed and informal.

We acknowledge that everyone has a different view and a different way of communicating. Our aim is to provide an online community/ group, where you don’t feel intimidated to ask questions, ask for help, give advice, and market to like minded people.

It is growing organically and already the responses have been so positive, like this one comment: I have found everyone I have needed on this group to help my business move forward. Thank you so much for such an amazing group.

And that’s why we continue, to make a difference. Entrepreneurship can be so isolating, so lonely.

Almost anyone can work from home nowadays thanks to connectivity, and find assistance on Google. But groups like Girl Boss Hustle, give a personal connection, a space for real connection without being in the same room.

Networking groups are great and we have an event monthly that bring a speaker of interest together and allow for gathering time, and then we have our coworking space which also allows for working in a creative, innovative community and really supports startups well.

But what about all of those people who can’t afford to work in a cowork community, or have to be around or the kids at home, or live far away, or like the anonymity that an online community brings?

I think the overall message, is that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ for communication and networking. Come join us!

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