I hear you – why plan?

I hear you

Especially after the year that has been 2020 – where your best laid plans have flown right out of the window and you’ve really had to learn to fly by the seat of your pants.

There is a saying that we live by at Girl Boss Hustle: 1Hour of Planning equals 10Hours of Implementation. 

And honestly – even though 2020 has been a year unlike any other, the fact that we took the time out of the business at the beginning of the year to press pause, reflect and align our intention for ourselves and the business has paid off time and again this year. Yes we’ve pivoted during 2020 but each pivot and new offering has aligned to the intentions that were set at the beginning of the year.

I can hear you ask – why intention and not goals? 

Well – setting an intention is far more powerful than setting a goal. Intention moves you into the space of ‘becoming’. Intention pushes you into defining the soul of your business and how you will deliver on the dream you had when you started this business.

Intention defines the future you – the you that you will need to become as you step into Unapologetic Success. 

Intention drives the decisions that you take during the year. Something ‘shifts’ within you when you make decisions based on the person you are becoming and the business you are building.

In our Inner Circle Mastermind, I often have the women undertake the ‘two chair exercise’ – one chair is the current you and the other chair is the future you. When they make decisions, I invite them to physically shift themselves into the future you chair and make the decision from that perspective. What happens time and again is that the future you makes radically different decisions.

So you can imagine then that Intention forms the basis for our 1Day Virtual Planning Mastermind in January. It is also why the theme is: Setting yourself up for Success. 

I call the planning we are going to do: Holistic Planning. Holistic because it looks beyond the nitty-gritty in your business to the dreams you have and begins to formulate the plan to deliver on those. (Just a little aside: This is powerful stuff and you need to understand this. You may enter the day with one idea of what your plan is and leave the day with something far bigger than what you were thinking. And that is because you will be exposed to my zone of genius, which is really to gently force you to look beyond the limitations you may have set and see the bigger picture.)

The planning in essence starts before the day we get to spend together as there are reflection exercises that you will need to complete so on the day you are not carrying the ‘baggage’ from 2020. This is critical to setting yourself up for success and is the component that so many entrepreneurs skip. If you don’t press pause and reflect you often land up repeating the same mistakes over and over – and that is the definition of madness!!

Our planning in the morning is focussed on alignment. 

Why? Alignment means that we get ‘lit up’ when we are designing the plan. When we are aligned we create plans that we stick to. Alignment gives us the space to really focus on our zone of genius and immediately define the team that we need to deliver.

Part of the day also includes your 90Day Sprint Plan – because high level planning without immediate action is just a waste of your most precious resource, time! This 90Day Sprint Plan has been designed to be actionable – there is a Trello Board specifically for this sprint plan – so you can input the plan immediately and get going. I want you to see this sprint plan (and the Trello board) as your accountability partner going forward. 

Outside of the planning, you’ll get the opportunity to Hotseat and have the hive mind work with you. This is often where the magic happens – someone else in the group has the skills/wisdom/resource to catapult you forward. 

You’ll also meet other incredible entrepreneurs and set up relationships that may mean the difference between a mediocre year and an incredible year.

So – if you’re ready to Step into Success in 2021 and plan out a year that feels ‘right’, join us on 15 Jan!

The other saying we have at Girl Boss Hustle is this one: But wait – there is more!

By joining us, you also get access to our CEO Scorecard Masterclass. (This is the masterclass that is going to have you radically reconsider the way you are looking at time in your business)

You also get access to our Friday Review Template. (Time and again we get emails/messages from women saying that this is the one tool that they wish they had implemented way earlier in their business)

And ….. if you join on our Black Friday offer ….. there is even more:

A 90Min 1:1 Coaching Session with the founders of Girl Boss Hustle. 

1 Month Access to the Inner Circle Mastermind for the month of February where the focus is on Cultivating your CEO Mindset. 

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