Fintech student startup Mandla Money secures R150k funding

Company Name

Mandla Money


Titose Chembezi, Julian Kanjere

What they do:

We provide a suite of mobile and web applications for fast, affordable, and more efficient blockchain-enabled financial services in low-tech environments for financial inclusion.

About Mandla Money:

Our core functionality lies in tracking user account balances on the Stellar/Ripple blockchain network using Mandla Wallet with the interface based on Whatsapp to make it intuitive and easy to send and receive payments.

Mandla Pay is a web application for bulk distribution of digital assets of welfare or grants. Lastly, Mandla Merchant – functionality for receiving payments via a text-based ID (i.e Stellar memo) which enables economic activity in low-tech environments.

UCT Leopards Lair Pitch:

Mandla Money pitches to the four judges Jason Basel, Precious Mdlalose, Anton Baumann, and Brigit Evans.

How to contact them:

Tel: 0769636983


University of Cape Town student pitch competition is hosted every year by Akro along with UCT InvestSoc and UCT Entrepreneurs Society. This year’s sponsors included Imvelo Ventures and Student Seed Fund a partnership between Bertha Institute of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and SAB Foundation. 

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