Not Now, What Next?

Thank you again for applying for the Akro Accelerator. There was little science to this process of choosing applicants at early stage for an accelerator. So we want you to know a few things going forward:

1) Applications:
If the Selection Committee didn’t choose you, it is not because you are not good enough or we don’t believe in you, but because we had limited spots. So amongst other things we had to choose off the content you put in the application.

When you apply for accelerators, put yourself in the shoes of the selectors and think about what they will be judging you on:

Check our spelling; how much information you give that is tangibly telling what you do; how you pique the interest of the selectors?
Be succinct but ensure the information you give is accurate, interesting and relevant. And AGAIN, check your spelling and the way it is presented. Get someone to check your content before submitting .

Ensure you are looking for follow up communications and that they are not landing in the junk mail.
Do any requests timeously, show your eagerness to do what it takes to get into a programme.
Attend any relevant webinars.

2) Where you put your attention is where you will get results:
Remember, this is YOUR business, no one else’s. So treat this like a job, showing up at disciplined, regular hours. 8am – 5pm yes even on a Friday afternoon. And do MORE.

3) Network:
Keep looking for opportunities to connect, to network, to learn. Surround yourself with like-minded people and get OUT of your comfort zone.

Connecting with people totally outside your daily touchpoint zone, will connect you with people who can help grow your business, extend your reach. It is easy to want to stay within people who you feel comfortable with, and give you feedback you want, but this is NOT going to push you further.

4) Be your best PR officer:
At every opportunity talk about your business.
You never know where the next opportunity is coming from, and use every chance to be your own best PR for your business. Don’t be shy and this will also help you to hone your message on your business.

When I talk about my business, my story changes depending on whom I am talking to and each story is true to itself and enhances the other pieces of my story of how and why I do what I do. It also shows where I am lacking confidence and know that I must put more attention on a certain aspect of my business.

Now what …?
So a task I set you today, is to write your long personal story of how and why you are in entrepreneurship and in your business in particular. Sit quietly and dive deep into your personal “why”.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

What does success look like for you?

And whatever that is, I dare you to broaden that scope and dive deeper into what that success is.

How will you get there?

What is the ONE next step you can do to take you the next step just THIS week. And set it down in writing.

New task each week, write it down, what skill or tool do you need to get that ONE next step forward. And valuate at the end of the week if you did or did not do it and how or why you did or did not do it.

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