Note Engine – Student Startup Profile #32

About Note Engine:

Note Engine’s goal is to make learning easy. Our app helps you study and organize your notes, even automatically generating flashcards for you from your study material.

Built on the powerful Google Cloud Platform, NoteEngine works flawlessly and scales seamlessly. NoteEngine is already part of the Google Startup Program and has a steadily growing userbase.


Justin Muller

What they do:

NoteEngine is a startup EdTech company that is creating innovative study solutions for the next generation of learners.

How to contact them:

Tel: 0793447253

University of Cape Town student pitch competition is hosted every year by Akro along with UCT InvestSoc and UCT Entrepreneurs Society. This year’s sponsors included Imvelo Ventures and Student Seed Fund a partnership between Bertha Institute of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and SAB Foundation.

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