Orbital Mapping Systems – Student Startup Profile #36

About Orbital Mapping Systems:

Orbital Mapping Systems aims to develop a space-based radar system that fits on a cube sat. Using a radar technique called phase inferometery we wish to map all objects in orbit from small specs of paint to space stations.

Using and predicting these orbits we wish to provide the growing space industry with an early warning system in order to prevent satellite collisions thereby preventing the loss of millions of Rands/Dollars worth of space-based hardware.

Founders : 

Grant Norrie

What they do:

We are creating a space-based radar the size of a cube sat in order to map the orbits of all the objects that surround our planet.

How to contact them:

Tel: 0832661417
Email: NRRGRA002@myuct.ac.za

University of Cape Town student pitch competition is hosted every year by Akro along with UCT InvestSoc and UCT Entrepreneurs Society. This year’s sponsors included Imvelo Ventures and Student Seed Fund a partnership between Bertha Institute of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and SAB Foundation.

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