13 March 2019 – Cape Town Social Entrepreneurs

Tickets R145
13 March 2019 6pm
Akro Spaces
25 Wale Street
Cape Town City Centre


Bring some energy, and connect.

This is a great opportunity to relax and network with like-minded people. An opportunity to introduce yourself and your business, and to ask for opportunities to connect.

Join in for some snacks and wine.
Guest Speaker: Lynne Worsley

Lynn has a background in theatre, speech and drama and has worked in radio, TV and film.  She uses this background to her advantage having started an inclusive green business, where the story behind the product’s development is of utmost importance to its success.

Lynn wanted to create a sustainable and profitable business which helped the environment and simultaneously empowers other women. So in 2008 she started All Women Recycling and launched its first green product in 2009 using discarded plastic bottles to create unique gift boxes. Their products are sold to over 30 retail stores and exported to markets around the world – selling globally to empower locally.

Local, unemployed women are taught how to create the products, while learning business management, life and sales skills… an exciting journey that currently has 13 ladies working full time in Retreat!

All Women Recycling has a goal “Keeping our environment clean one bottle at a time”.  A goal that they are certainly meeting… in 2016 alone they upcycled over half a million plastic bottles, which otherwise would have gone to landfill sites. 

To start off their year All Women Recycling was awarded a prize at the 2019 Global Business Insight Awards for the Most Innovative Gift Box Manufacturer in South Africa!


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