7 May 2020 – LInkedIn Sales Navigator

Thursday 7, 2020
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Join Akro Capital – Girl Boss Hustle and the talented Jason Luboyera, Founder of 365 DigiSales, for a 45-minute LinkedIn messaging and Sales Navigator case-study session. 

After attending this 45-minute laser-focused session, you’ll understand

  • How to reach your ideal client
  • How to craft engaging LinkedIn Inmails
  • The do’s and dont’s when targeting on Sales Navigator and sending direct InMails (case-study).

LinkedIn InMail is not email. It’s a conversational messaging application. The fact that you are chatting to a Head of Marketing or Fund Manager your tone, choice of words, and perceived intentions are quite different from that of email.LinkedIn a social platform. 

LinkedIn sales navigator can increase your sales success rate by 25% +

If you have not noticed, LinkedIn is happening. It’s the largest professional social media platform. Home to over 700 million users. 

In this exclusive Live Webcast, Jason will share best practice outreach messaging tips and insights into LinkedIn’s sales navigator.

It’s going to be fun, interactive, and something you don’t want to miss! 


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