Back to basics in your Business – August 2021 Masterclasses

8  x 90 minute virtual live Masterclasses

1 x 30 minute One-on-One session with GBH Women in Business

Webinar link to be sent once registration completed

R8900/ £450

Being a business owner requires us to be flexible. We go between being busy bees working in our business, to taking the role of CEO and visionary working on our business. In this process we cannot underestimate the importance of going back to the foundations of what we have already set in place, and reviewing from time to time.
In this month we go back to basics, check the foundations we have set.
Do we need to twist, re set, or pivot some of the work we have set in place? Perhaps something is not serving us any more.
Are we getting the full value of what we have already set in motion? Are we doing the necessary follow ups.
Do we need to automate more? Or outsource something we are weak at?
Going from finances to marketing, to where we spend our energy, is all looked at in great detail.
We dive deep over this month and double down on what IS working, and adjust what is NOT working.
Furthermore we get the opportunity to leverage what other women are doing in their business and stand on their shoulders.
Diane Lindemann, who has many years working with international conglomerates to small business owners, and has moved then needle in all these various scenarios, talks and leads us with experience. The value of working with someone who has exposure to large multi-nationals and small business, means that she understands the strengths and weaknesses of business across the board.


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