CEO Review – 17 September 2020


11 AM – 12:30 PM

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If I asked you to take me beyond the numbers in your business would you be able to?

What does going beyond the numbers mean?
Well here’s an example:
It’s great that you are tracking the number of new subscribers to your email list on a monthly basis.
But –
Are you tracking how many of your email subscribers are actually opening your newsletter?
Are you tracking how many of your email subscribers click through on the Call to Action Buttons you’ve embedded into your newsletter.
Those are the real numbers you should be tracking!
Why would you want to track these numbers?
Let’s just say – if no-one is clicking through on your Call to Action embedded in your newsletter, clearly it’s missing the mark and you need to have a rethink.
That rethink may mean deleting subscribers who have not opened a newsletter from you x number of times.
Or it could mean sending your subscribers a survey asking them what they want to see in your newsletters going forward.
Or it could mean bringing in a content specialist to review your content strategy.
Join Diane Lindemann as she takes you beyond the numbers in your business through a CEO Review Session.
Diane firmly believes if there is only ONE thing you do in your business on a monthly basis, it’s to step into the CEO Role and critically review your business.
The session includes:
A Structured CEO Review Workbook that you can work through in your own time;
A Live Round of Questions and Answers with Diane where will invite you to ask questions related to your business


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