Founder Connect Tuesdays

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15:00 – 16:15 p.m. each Tuesday

As a Founder, connect each Tuesday.

Are you moving your business forward?

Perhaps you are struggling with a “to do” list and not a “move forward list”?

Whatever your struggles as a founder, it’s really important to connect with other like-minded founders. It really can re-energise you and focus you.

We can get so busy ‘doing’ that we don’t actually think about connecting with the right people, or making the right strategic decisions.  Having a core group who can keep you ‘honest’ in your intentions at work is really useful.

Akro has this an an integral part of our Accelerators, and have seen the value to offer this to the wider startup community. So join in, put it in your calendar and let’s see how our team can help you, or how your own experience can be of value to someone else on this journey of business.

We have been privy to so many  founders who just keep working, or who are wanting to achieve something, but there is always something more important in the way. Something else to do today, some reason not to focus on the one next thing that will move the business forward.
Our team is happy to make you accountable, to question you and to introduce clarity to your process. More than that we KNOW how valuable it is to share the struggles with others. This is what founder connect Tuesday is about.

One of our Akrolites in our last accelerator shared with us how its so desponding when even your family are not really interested in how you are doing and even, in WHAT you are doing. It’s a really lonely journey, an isolating experience. We know that for some of us it’s easy to keep our heads down and do what is needed. But for others, the need for connection is real. If you are one of those, not necessarily extrovert, but more needing more real connection, or wanting to see what others are up to, please join us.

Even a tree needs water, soil, minerals, clean air, sun and insects to thrive.





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