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Founders networking is not novel, it’s not new. Some do it successfully and others don’t know where to start networking.

Why should I as a founder be networking?

It is incredible how many startups we have contacting us for an introduction to a market, an introduction to a developer, an introduction to VC’s or Angel investors, and so the list goes on.

When you are starting out in a business, you may need a cofounder or three to help you get your idea off the ground. Most entrepreneurs cannot afford to pay for the dev work or the business modelling, or a sales person and the best way to combat that is through sweat equity with someone that can bring those valuable skills to your startup.
But how do you connect with the right people? Surely within the ecosystem.
Tracy DiNunzio CEO and Founder of Tradesy a USA based online used-clothing platform, currently valued at well over $2 billion, found her first developer on Craigslist! (Google it!). This shows that you need to be connecting everywhere to find the right people, or even in many cases, to find people to join you in your venture.

In fact we have had a prominent person in the startup space reach out to us at Akro for help finding members for their new team they are building and a for a new startup they are founding.
Founders networking is NOT just for inexperienced startups that are young with no network.

Networking and connecting  is needed throughout your business, for founders to grow their business, for founders to connect with new skills for the business, and for founders to connect with new markets.

Relationship building is essential for you as a founder. Founders need to connect does not stop during the lifetime of business, and it’s wonderful to see inexperienced founders and experienced founders connecting together.
Inexperienced founders bring new technology, new outlook and breath of hope and dreams to the connection.
Experienced founders bring wisdom, knowledge and normally a better network to the connecting process.

So just in case you need further convincing let me show you here:

  • finding cofounders
  • finding skills you need in your startup
  •  to open up markets for your business
  • connecting with potential venture capitalists and angel investors
  • to learn from others which can lead to time saving recommendations
  • motivational support
How Do Founders get Connecting?

Ecosystems like Akro’s are good to connect within as you know anyone in this space is serious about entrepreneurship and serious about growing their startup.

A few different companies, associations and Meetup groups offer networking sessions.
Alternatively founders network through their peer base, their family foundations, their accelerators they attended or venture capitalists who have funded them. I have one successful startup who makes connections wherever he goes, through standing in a line for vaccinations, on a plane trip. No one is safe from his enquiring mind. He is, needless to say, the main marketer and sales person for his company, and has a natural curiosity and interest in people so networking for him is effortless.

However if you are more reticent by nature, just be polite, connect with one or two people, and be friendly. No more no less.

How to make the most of a Founders Network session?

Go with no expectations except to relax and be you, to start introducing your company!

The best secret to networking for founders is to have in mind the kind of help you can give and and what type of connections you would like to make.
The two sentences seem to juxtapose each other but one thing I have noticed is that the connections I do make that may seem totally irrelevant, end up being little treasures time and again. And it is for this reason that sincerity is crucial.

Many sessions may be hit and miss but choose your network sessions and come in consistently in order to gain credibility.

Whatever and whichever network session you decide to be a part of, know that your network as a founder can make or break your business, no exaggeration.





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