The Art of Networking – 19 November 2021

Date: 19 November 2021

Time: 15:00 pm CAT – 16:30p.m.

Cost: $10

Where: online.
Link will be sent once payment received.


We had a great session in October’s network session, and look forward to November network session

Do network sessions work?

Hell yes!

Our last network session resulted in a more advanced startup asking another startup to assist with some dev work that they were specifically working on. It also had one founder asking for a brain storming session from another founder. There was one business owner who was struggling with his business model, and went away knowing he had to relook at the way his business charges.

None of this would have happened without some real deep work.

Many of our best contracts have come from mentioning in passing to someone what we do, or how we do some particular aspect of assisting startups, and this in turn has led to synergies or knowing someone else they think we need to be connected with.

Stories are multiple and real. We have seen startups growing other startups because THEY need to grow and who best to reach out to but others that you trust and are not going to rip you off. If they know you may have the expertise, perhaps a trade swap can be arranged.
We have seen small business grow by growing themselves and then those next to them. No business grows in isolation. All growth needs others to get them to the next step, the next mile,  and this is how we use our connections. Outsourcing is the tool of all growth and all successful businesses.  Those businesses who know their lane and specialise are always the ones who focus and GROW.
Networking is the centre, the heart of all this growth.

How do I network?

Network sessions with Akro are informal, authentic and real.  We ask that you come in promptly on time, have a one liner handy on what you do, and knowledge of what you are struggling with. Let’s see how we can help you.

No need to cover your struggles as we can only help you if you are open and honest. Get to know others, where they are from and what they do. You will be so surprised that showing up each month shows your commitment to your business, and grows trust with others in you.

Whether or not you like to connect, are an extrovert or introvert, has no bearing. As long as you show up authentically with your business as your base, we are here to welcome you and ensure you get the most out of these connections.





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