Network Session – 25 February 2022

Date: 25 February 2022
Time: 15:00 p.m. sharp – 16:30 p.m. CAT/SA ST
Location: Online zoom link to be sent once payment received
Cost: R99/ $10

Networking for entrepreneurs and small business owners is alive and well, in the time post-covid. We are aware more than ever that you can connect what people all over and still achieve the same end: widening your networking, doing more sales, getting inspired, learning new skills, finding potential partners, the list goes on.

In this particular session we are focussing on accountability. Come join us. Dave Best from Energy Drive Systems will be joining us.

But one thing we notice is that many people do not know how to make the most of networking events. Here we give you some guidance on what to do.

Social media links and LinkedIn

Make sure you have your social media links to share handy, and any other way you like to connect with people. Linkedin is important to have updated and to share with others. This is a simple way to have your integrity endorsed within the business environment. You are not giving out business cards online, so this is the equivalent of making sustainable connections. We find few people are organized with their social media links handy and those that connect immediately on Linkedin show true professionalism.

Giving is the new Black

Strange though this may sound sometimes we have people coming into these sessions with the intent to sell. Umm NO! Give give give should be your mantra coming into a network session. The more you help others with contacts, with inspiration, with expertise, the more integrity, and trust you are building. This is not a ‘once-off” event but rather an opportunity to build credibility and trust. Many people miss the fact that by coming in with an intent of generosity actually gives you more, in the end, People connect with people and when they see generosity of spirit they are more inclined to help you long term. Although I still ask you not to expect anything in return as this will happen organically.

Be on Time

Being on time brings respect to your fellow attendees and professionalism for yourself and your business. When you come in on time, you get an opportunity to be part of the foundation group for the session, and often get the opportunity to do an individual introduction. Coming late shows you are unprepared, don’t take yourself seriously, and that you may not be confident.

Share your Story

Any opportunity you can, share your personal story of your business or how you got into the business. It is incredible how your story brings the authentic “you” to your business. It is another way to keep testing and trying your sales story, your business story to others. You learn what works and what doesn’t. Keep it SHORT and simple and authentic!

Don’t Fall into Sales Mode

Much as we want you to share your story or your business story, keep the actual hard sales for another time This is about connecting on different levels, personally and business. Network sessions are about growing your business circle, nothing more nothing less. Nothing puts others off if it is clear you are there only for selling.

Bring Good Energy

Whether or not you are an introvert or extrovert, bring your best energy. This often means being prepared to show yourself on screen. A business meeting may allow you to turn your video off but in a network session, people want to meet YOU, see your face and connect. It is way easier for an introvert to connect via an online working session and we are not asking you to be bouncing off walls and super noisy. Nope! In fact, that can be disturbing to the group. We are asking that you come prepared to connect visually and connect verbally with your story or needs.

Own Your Knowledge

We see a lot of people sitting in the background thinking that by asking for help you are not successful. And we see lots of people holding back from giving advice. We all have knowledge in some areas and lack expertise in others. Own your knowledge, own your journey, own your experiences, which allow you to participate meaningfully.

Lack of confidence is detrimental to your business growth. Each of us is both the learner and the learned, the teacher and the pupil, no matter how successful your business is/is not.

Networking has been integral to our success. It has helped build the brand in a meaningful way amongst other entrepreneurs. It has helped us get sponsors for our accelerators, and it has helped to find investors for the startups. It has been integral in finding collaborators on projects. We know that network sessions are part and parcel of our monthly offerings and a way we can add value to YOU.




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