Psychology of Pricing – May 2021 Masterclasses

8  x 90 minute virtual live Masterclasses

1 x 30 minute One-on-One session with GBH Women in Business

Webinar link to be sent once registration completed

R12 000/ £647

There is one unwritten golden rule to pricing: Perception

Two questions to start you thinking:

1. What’s your own perception of your pricing?

2. How are you shaping your client’s perception of your pricing?

Part of shaping both your own perception and your client’s perception is to move beyond your product and service, to what you are really selling!

So what is The Psychology of Pricing?

It is NOT about pricing from an accounting/financial perspective.

What this is:

This is the art of influence around pricing.
This is the art of persuasion around pricing.
This is understanding the magic behind the numbers and how to tap into that magic.

This programme is equal parts strategy, tactics and magic.


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