Women in Business Mix and Meet – 17 September 2020

Fully online event

Webinar link to be sent when ticket purchased

7pm SA ST – Cape Town/Johannesburg
7pm Europe

6pm Lagos/Nigeria
6pm UK

1pm New York/Florida/Toronto

10am Los Angeles

There’s a recurring theme that floods my inbox and my online community.

How do I create meaningful business connections in the current climate?

What’s the best way to get more visibility?

How do I scale my business?

Based at the tip of Africa, we know this is a continent poised for growth. We have experienced this first hand with the coaching services that we offer, which have attracted a global audience.

  • Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with the online noise and yet so isolated as a business owner?
  • I know a lot of women are feeling the same things you are feeling right now – but unsure how to keep connecting meaningfully in the business space.

We have been there and felt the same things: so much noise but so much isolation. What do we do now?

Join us for our 100% online networking event for women in business.

It really is a global world now, more than ever. We are all in the same boat, and my business needs the same things your business needs. As a business owner, and a woman in entrepreneurship, your needs are the same as mine, both personally and for business.

  • So let’s get active
  • Let’s connect, uplift and inspire each other
  • What would you do right now to connect with other business owners?
  • What action can you take to form partnerships?
  • Can you still see the new opportunities arising, like connecting globally?

We know things are uncertain, we know that the colour of money and connections world wide is the same whether we are in the tip of Africa, or on the island nation of UK, or sitting on the Californian coastline.

So join in, inspire, be inspired and connect. Rock solid foundations have been formed between our regular attendees.

Partnering and aligning is a wonderful way to grow your business reach, and this is where networking does the job!
Be consistent, be authentic and bring your beverage of choice with your biggest smile.


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