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Phillipa Geard

What they do:

RecruitMyMom is an online recruitment agency that assists forward-thinking companies with innovative recruiting by placing skilled women into flexible, part-time or home-based employment.  

How it works:

Essentially the model is matching skilled women looking for skilled employment, with employers looking for jobs to be filled or projects to be skilled. 

The x-factor in this model is that each party in this circle has specific requirements regarding flexibility, hours worked and work base, albeit office or remote. RecruitMyMom matches the needs and degree of flexibility of the employers to the job-seeking women. 

Founding story:

Founded in 2012 by Phillipa Geard. The problem came to her once she herself had become a mom and realised the lack of flexibility for working moms who wanted to gain a work-life balance with the new demands met by moms, but still wanting to be involved in the work-place. Phillipa saw the greater need to keep skilled women in the workplace and the benefits for employers to tap into this market of incredible skills. 

And so RecruitMyMom was launched.

How to contact them:

Akro’s Take:

At Akro we run quite a few workshops and events to support startups in the various areas of business. We noticed time and again that women were not front and centre in coming forward to get assistance for their business.

So after a short brainstorming session we decided to host some events under a new initiative called Girl Boss Hustle. The aim was to encourage women in business with inspiration from other women who have ‘been there and done it’, and walked the path of entrepreneurship before them.

And so my search for women speakers led me to RecruitMyMom’s Phillipa Geard. 

An incredibly honest, inspiring and generous woman who was quick to offer her help. Her credibility with the sustained success of RecruitMyMom was the cherry on the top.

Although I was focused on a speaker profile first and not really looking too closely at the business, I immediately saw the relevance and simplicity in the vision behind RecruitMyMom. 

How many women can identify with having spent a lot of money and time being well educated and up-skilled, and who may love her job, but due to changes in personal circumstances, needs flexibility in regards to work? Employers have previously been unforgiving in allowing the flexibility needed, but luckily, with platforms like RecruitMyMom and a greater awareness generally of work-life balance over the years, RecruitMyMom has been a forerunner to what is now common place. 

The model is simple and impactful, and yet was innovative by not only looking at the customer needs, but upending recruitment processes with the simplicity of offering recruitment online and having a national reach.

Being a true entrepreneur, Phillipa saw the next opportunity with seeing how Graduates with little to no work experience were needing placement, and companies seeking graduates were needing a hassle-free recruitment platform.  And so came RecruitAGraduate.

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