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I love listening to podcasts! In fact, its my favorite time of day. The fact that I happen to be on the bicycle or treadmill at gym at the same time, is by-the-by!

I have a really diverse list of interests but that’s for another blog.

What really impressed me today was listening to the podcast with cofounder of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey. He does not appear totally ‘businessy’ or ‘clever’ or ‘ambitious’ and yet from the outset he and his partners saw WeWork operating on a big scale.

Apart from the fact that between them they obviously ARE ‘businessy’, ‘clever’ and ‘ambitious’, what really has been rattling in my head all day, was the big vision and acting on it from the outset.

Sitting here in South Africa, part of the African continent, it is often difficult for us to really envision we are part of the world economy, and how many of us have the ‘poor cousin’ mentality.

But a big wake up call would be to look at the growth projections of populations, which sets a demand, and Africa is definitely the place for future growth.

My own mantra for the year has been to be ambitious and think big. Yet even if we have the vision, how do we implement it?

Clarity of Vision
Spend time on gaining clarity and not just wait for it to happen organically. Be purposeful in your thinking, look at the big picture and analyse the best area of growth for your business.

Mentor or Business Advisor
Talk to mentors or business advisors on this.

Our speaker next week, Kim Palmer, is someone who has done just this and is so helpful and happy to assist. Come prepared to ask questions, get direction.

It shouldn’t be someone like Richard Branson, there is huge value in someone who is a few steps ahead of you on the scale and who knows the practical steps that need to be taken.

You need to be like the bright kids at school, who ASKED for help. We all know them, and may have been them but it takes asking to get the right guidance.

No one person will have an answer, it will take a few discussions with a few people to hit on the right strategy, the right course of action.

Prioritise this as an objective for your business strategy.
If you don’t prioritise, then you will slip into the urgency of business. And you will find another year going by without solid steps being taken. In a way, you re taking a step into the unknown and as we don’t have clear steps, we will slink into what we are comfortable doing in our business, whatever our main role is. Change will only take place with clear proactive steps.

Come join us for a scaling up adventure. I am on this train. Come join in!

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