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As a startup or entrepreneur, marketing is often relegated to being last in their considerations and/or budgeting. This reality is often aligned with startups believing that the cost of marketing is prohibitive or that they simply do not have the time…or both.

In todays world, however, this so-called reality has changed. Never before have the marketing playing fields been more equitable between a startup and an established business.

Social Media marketing is at everyone’s fingertips.

Of course, social media does not replace traditional marketing but is an effective way of getting brand awareness out, and connecting with potential customers.

But it is easy to get sucked in, being busy and achieving nothing. At the end off the day it needs in some way, to convert to money in your account.

One survey of 500 small businesses in the UK done in late 2018 by 1st Choice Marketing, found that in 2019 social media is set to be the most important marketing tool (39%) compared to SEO (35%) and email marketing (25%).

And the ongoing rise of video content on the internet, is forecast to make up 80% of all social media content by 2021 (only 3 years), so ignore this type of content at your peril.

Before you go too far into “being busy achieving nothing”, take time to analyze your business and how social media can fit the needs of your aims for your business.

We were lucky enough to be have social media guru, Karen Petersen, founder of Network Explosion, give us a few key pointers.

As she points out this is not an exact science, and Facebook/Instagram are constantly changing, updating and finding more ways to be relevant. This is good news, but it does make the job of using social media for marketing an ever changing landscape. No matter who you go to, there is no one formula for success.

In a nutshell, Karen Petersen, expands on the 5 ‘C’s:

Content; Consistency; Captivating your market; Competitions; CheckUps.

They may sound easy, but diving deep into each, needs grit and attention to detail. Follow Karen on Instagram for Friday tips.

Keep an eye on our next newsletter to get a free template for analyzing your company and marketing needs/direction.


What is your plan for social media?

What platforms will you use?

Who is your customer? This is a full article in and of itself

Engage in proper online relationship building.

Expand your audience with look alike audiences.

Keep content and visuals engaging and relevant.

Keep tracking and refining your engagement.

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