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UCT Leopards Lair 2021

Permission granted by North West University to use name “Leopards Lair”

Calling all University of Cape Town student entrepreneurs!


Imvelo Ventures

Sponsor of R100 000 prize for startups beyond Ideation.

Imvelo is a Zulu word meaning honour and character of the strongest kind.

Historically, the word “Imvelo” was used to describe the stature of individuals who had the character to be advisors or kings and equipped with foresight to lead their communities to greater abundance. 

In this regard, we entrench within our DNA the transformative qualities which are essential in unlocking growth opportunities for our partners & investees.

We support companies across all life cycles as long as they represent an interesting and commercial investment opportunities

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SAB Student Seed Fund

Sponsor of R100 000 prize for startups beyond Ideation

R20 000 prize for Ideation

In 2015, The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the SAB Foundation (SABF) partnered to create the Student Seed Fund. The goal of the fund is to enable student entrepreneurs to raise seed funding for impactful ideas and startups. The fund supports entrepreneurs with innovative ideas tackling social or environmental problems in low income communities with seed capital 

The Student Seed Fund is open to all UCT, UCT GSB, RAA and recent alumni of UCT. The fund supports innovative ideas with test funding of up to R20,000 and social enterprise startups with seed funding up to R100,000. To date, the Student Seed Fund has deployed R2.3 million in grant funding to 43 social entrepreneurs. 

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IDF Capital

Many thanks for sponsoring the Pitch Training for the 11 Finalists
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We offer Entrepreneurs access to an extensive suite of contracts created by top legal experts at affordable rates. Our platform is user-friendly, available 24/7 and supported by a range of free resources. Entrepreneurs can create and download professional legal contracts created by top legal experts in 5 quick and easy steps, without breaking the bank.

Contracts4Biz was conceived from the imperative to address the high rates of business failure contributing to inequality as well as poverty in South Africa.

Over 70% of businesses fail in their first year. The primary recorded reasons are lack of access to funding and markets. However, these are symptoms of an underlying cause, the high cost of legal services, lack of legal structure and compliance required to unlock opportunities. Before the launch of Contracts4Biz, entrepreneurs had less than a 30% chance of succeeding.

Now every entrepreneur can access top legal tools and Contracts needed to succeed.

Prize information:
Two Months’ Subscription (Full Access)
Contact to claim your prize.

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Pocket Advisor

PocketAdvisor is an online platform equipping entrepreneurs, individually or through Enterprise Development Initiatives, Incubators or Accelerators, to enhance their practical and legal business knowledge with resources enabling well structured, legally compliant businesses for graduates, able to access investment opportunities and enter supply chains.

We have combined tips from top business, leadership and legal experts, to offer resources that enable sound decision making, sustainability and ultimate business success. Graduates from our Programs are well structured, legally compliant businesses with leaders equipped to grow and scale their team members and businesses.

Prize Information:

Access to Any one of our PocketAdvisor Programs (Early Stage, Intermediate or Leadership) for 60 days.
Contact to claim your prize.

Imphumelelo Institute have give a 10 week Success programme

Our winner of 2020 Shruti Dowlath says this was the BEST part of the prizes she won in 2020 UCT Shark Tank.

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Impumelelo Institute

The Impumelelo Institute bridges the gap between potential and performance . We believe in collaboration and a collective consciousness when it comes to personal and business development and as such we develop long-lasting partnerships to create sustainable, holistic growth and development. 

Our Grandmasters of Success program is perfect for individuals who are looking for that first step. This program consists of 10 weeks of personal coaching which will guide you along the way to creating and implementing your personal success plan. Get ready to learn the secrets of motivation, goal planning, communication and much more!

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And we could not do this without incredible people assisting at every step.

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