UCT Shark Tank 2021

UCT Students Rising Up in Entrepreneurship

Akro Accelerate, together with UCT InvestSoc and UCT Entrepreneurs Society, continue for a third year to work together to fan the flames of entrepreneurship for students. 

For the third year in a row, the successful UCT Shark Tank will be providing opportunity and support to student business and entrepreneurs.

Student entrepreneurship is the essential first step in an entrepreneur’s journey to developing a business and progressing rapidly with a venture. This is a great time to get support and encouragement.

Often though, a student is left wandering if an idea has legs or not, or may be unsure where to turn for pitching advice, founder knowledge and everything related to entrepreneurship. 

Tebogo Masekwameng, President of the UCT Entrepreneurs Society, knows this all too well. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs she understands the value of a good support structure, having good mentors and knowledge base.

UCT Entrepreneurs Society provides this with great masterclasses, a new online platform which aggregates vital start-up information for student entrepreneurs and putting her society’s resources to UCT Shark Tank 2021.

In Tebogo’s words, “ Entrepreneurship underpins the success of any country, and we aim to be a part of South Africa’s success by decreasing the 98% failure rate of entrepreneurs through creating an active and innovative entrepreneurial community within the tech start-up hub of South Africa, where students can gain new entrepreneurial skills and create a quality network of individuals who can accelerate their sustainable growth.”

Putting the annual UCT Shark Tank  front and centre of her society’s calendar is really key to their continued growth in the UCT societies scene.

Likewise, Simon Shelton, who heads up Special projects for the largest student society in Africa, UCT InvestSoc, has this to say about the UCT Shark Tank: “We are excited to have seen the need for this on campus and been the catalyst for Shark Tank. It has become a mainstay project for what we offer our members. UCT Shark Tank really showcases hard work, ingenuity and keen competition on campus. We urge all students on campus at whatever stage their business is, to apply and be a part of this.” 

Register for the UCT Shark Tank 2021 and stand a chance to win R30 000!

Applications are open and any legally registered student from UCT can register here Calling all students from UCT to enter.

There will be a number of workshops for students to attend leading up to the initial pitching date which is 11 September, and Top 10 student startups will get an opportunity to present to the public October 5th. 

The public is invited to watch in-person 5th October (all covid protocol will be observed) and on webinar.

To be notified, please email info@akro.co.za with UCT SharkTank 2021 in the subject line.

Akro knows how innovation comes out of new ideas and creativity. Students are best placed to see the future and opportunity. One of Akro’s first successful startups, EduOne, was borne from a UCT student and Akro’s founding member, Jason Basel. 

Supporting this initiative has been a no-brainer and through Akro’s network, Akro has been able to provide great support to the students with the likes of local businesses like Iridium Business Solutions, O”Reilly Law and Imvelo Ventures bringing their support. 

In the past we have had the likes of Mushambi Mutuma from Alitvex on the panel as well as Gavin Reardon from Kingson Capital and Silicon Cape’s Dr Sumarie Roodt as well as Lelemba Phiri from Enygma Ventures. 

Anyone else interested in providing support and prizes to the various stages of the UCT Shark Tank are asked to contact Janine Basel at janine@akro.africa

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